Hello, I am on a journey to learn how to write stories and novels worth reading. I write suspense and romance. Well, mostly suspense because I haven’t figured out the perfect combination of conflict and romance yet – but I will.

My Instagram address is Claire Ridgewood and my Facebook page is Claire Ridgewood, Author. Stop by and join me at your preferred site. You can also tweet me but don’t DM me because I never read them – it’s not you – it’s me.

As my first flash fiction story, Karma is being released on Instagram. Each day, I will post a line or two until we reach the end. This is my first attempt at writing a “themed’ piece so as you read it, try to guess the theme and post it in the comments.  Let’s have some fun with it. Also, if you decide to join my email list, reply to my email, introduce yourself, and let me know if you liked Karma.

Sometimes, my writing will be good and sometimes it will be awful, but with you, on my journey with me, it’ll be fun. Welcome to my home on the web. Relax and stay a while, I’m glad you’re here.